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Brownie Holidays

13 Dec

Happy holidays from the Brownies, a.k.a. Pearl Mae and Séamus. Clearly, they handled this year’s Santa visit much better than the nightmare of 2014.

(Previously undisclosed fun fact about the 2014 photo: Look closely at Séamus’s pants and you’ll notice a dark spot. He totally peed on Santa.)  

We wish you a lovely holiday season, and a new year filled with health, abundance and love. Cheers!


Happy Grammar Day!

4 Mar


It’s that time again: National Grammar Day!

Watch those apostrophes. Murder emphasis quotes and passive voice with sheer abandon. Sip a grammartini. Hug an editor. Rescue dangling modifiers. JUST GO CRAZY. 

A New Year’s Eve Request

31 Dec

NYE Party HatIf you catch anyone shouting “Happy New Years!” tonight, please thump them on the head. It might squash some party hats and/or provoke drunken anger, but go ahead and do it anyway. Let me know how that goes.

We’re only celebrating one new year, not several. While there will be more new years (don’t tell the Mayans), we’re only dealing with 2015 right now. Happy New Year.

For geeky kicks, click here for a growing-by-the-minute list of “Happy New Years” tweets. Ugh. 

Santa’s Reign of Terror Ends

26 Dec

The Terror of Santa Yes, we gave our twins the best Christmas gift ever: Trauma! 

Hope a fine holiday was had by all. 

From my family to yours, all the best in 2015. 

Click here to see how much the kiddos have grown


He Knows…

19 Dec

He Knows...

Thor and his Flesh-Eating Twin Sister

31 Oct

Source: Triple M

A festive Halloween to all! 

The twins are now two years old and starting to get into Halloween. They could’ve cared less about the candy (“Right ON; more for us!” — Mr. and Mrs. Brown), but they enjoyed the costumes.

Young Séamus dressed as the mighty Thor. He even kept his winged helmet on throughout our entire trick-or-treat excursion. Way to go, Séa! 

Séamus as Thor

And here’s everyone’s favorite flower girl, Pearl Mae, who, as usual, took things a little too far. Way to creep everyone out, Pearl! 

Creepy Pearl

Be nice to me or I’ll give her your address and a hatchet. Cheers, dahling! 

It’s already Independence Day?!

3 Jul

Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin“Independence is happiness.” 

Susan B. Anthony

July?!  How did this happen?! 

Be careful out there. It’s a nutty weekend. Stay safe. But still have lots of fun. 

Nothing says ‘Happy Independence Day’ like James Cagney doing some high-stepping. Cheers! 

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