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10 Apr


Editing Opportunities are Everywhere

18 Nov

Tragic I found this nestled in a shrub while walking to preschool this morn. 


Good Advice of the Day

26 Feb


Now THIS is a Year

4 Feb


Sorry, horses—you’ve been replaced. Kudos to the BBC for our first grand subtitle gaffe of 2014. 

Friday Fact

31 Jan



(Thanks, Dinah!)

Happy National Punctuation Day!

24 Sep

punctuationmeatloaf punctuation meatloaf

Hooray! It’s Punctuation Day! Now get out there and punctuate your arse off.  

According to the good folks at, today is “a celebration of the lowly comma, correctly used quotation marks, and other proper uses of periods, semicolons and the ever-mysterious ellipsis”. 

The website suggests several ways to celebrate, including reading a newspaper and circling all of the punctuation errors you find. I’ll spend my day spotting and correcting sales copy errors. Bliss! So grateful to do work that I truly love! 

You might also consider whipping up The Official Meatloaf of National Punctuation Day. According to Norma Martinez-Rubin (a.k.a. Mrs. Punctuation), “The ground beef is scooped into muffin tins, so it makes little meat loaf muffins. I thought, what if someone scooped the ground beef into an aluminum tin in the shape of a punctuation mark? Then you could have ‘Hey, It’s Meat Loaf!’ in an exclamation point-shaped tin, or ‘Can’t You Tell It’s Meat Loaf?’ in a question mark-shaped tin”. 

Naturally, this now compels me do two things. 

Number One: Post my all-time fave Meat Loaf clip. Loyal visitors here are used to this by now. I simply can’t stop loving his epic “America the Beautiful” fail. It will always hold V.I.P. status on this blog. Take it away, Meaty! 

Number Two: Post LL Cool J’s awesome “Punctuation” rap for The Electric Company.

Enjoy this fabulous, well-punctuated day! 

Icon of the Day

20 May


Claire Lovell, geriatric social columnist for Oregon’s Daily Astorian, screams ‘elderly Lisa’ for the following reasons:

1. Her column is called Scene and Heard. Sassy!
2. She begins this column with some grammar policing, then…
3. Shares details of Kay-Lynn’s style show at Dooger’s (and it’s a miracle she made it there alive—someone get this woman a Life Alert!), and wins for “Scarves were freely in evidence.”
4. She’s hot for surfers.
5. Fashion statements and body art: Claire’s got it covered.

For these five reasons alone, my husband will be embarrassed by me on at least a weekly basis in our golden years. He’ll probably spend a lot of time doing his own thing… like surfing, a favorite pasttime. I’ll show up (with my sidekick, Myrna… she might be a drag queen) at the beach and make catcalls. 

Claire is Come Correct’s icon of the day. Heck, maybe the year, who knows?

Click here for Claire’s column. 

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