AlwaysComeCorrect.comHi. I’m Lisa VanDyke Brown. Thanks for stopping by.

Take a look around. Make yourself comfortable…

I founded Come Correct in 2003 to preserve the quality of the written word, and help everyone from large-scale digital media businesses to independent book authors succeed by taking their writing to the next level and far beyond, for the conversion you NEED to stay ahead of the pack. 

I deliver creative, precise copy that inspires and motivates. From email blasts to multi-purpose content to scripts to full-scale sales funnels to indoctrination sequences to social and site copy, I do it—and you profit. 

Whether it’s something unique from scratch or editing/rewriting with the sharpest pencil around, I have the knowledge, skill and talent to meet client-specific needs, no matter your business. I’m a Certified Content Marketing Specialist, and am well-versed in the platforms, programs, etc. that accompany digital publishing. 

I’m often referred to as “The Great Connector”. Thanks to my incredible network of some of the most talented names in online publishing, I can help you make everything happen, from joint ventures to list swaps to full-scale marketing, execution, affiliate and management teams. 

Drop me a line at and let me know about your project needs. You’ll be glad you did. 

Portfolio includes: AdScale Media, Agora Publishing, Barton Publishing, Blue Wave Advisors, Boston Globe, CBS Moneywatch, Cigars International, Creative Digital Media, David’s Bridal, Entreprenation, Everyday Roots, Fastlane Apps, Financial Times, Good Health & Age, LA Times, LaunchMen, Main Street Investor, iQ Magazine, Market Authority, Maxim, Miami Herald, Millionaire Media, Money Show, Mercatus, Newsday,, Playa Maya News, San Francisco Chronicle, Sasha Gradiva, Sign on San Diego, SND Holdings, The Associated Press, Timothy Sykes, Traders Reserve, Vitalyzr, Weekly Alibi, Yahoo! News

Photo: Wes Naman


2 Responses to “Bio”

  1. train ofthoughts (@train0fthoughts) April 20, 2012 at 5:20 pm #

    gawd are you DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. I went through all the trouble of logging here to tell you that, and lo, of course you’re married! Aren’t they all?

    Then I saw that ultrasound and I just hafta say, “Congratulations!” to you. And your husband 😉

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