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Brownie Holidays

13 Dec

Happy holidays from the Brownies, a.k.a. Pearl Mae and Séamus. Clearly, they handled this year’s Santa visit much better than the nightmare of 2014.

(Previously undisclosed fun fact about the 2014 photo: Look closely at Séamus’s pants and you’ll notice a dark spot. He totally peed on Santa.)  

We wish you a lovely holiday season, and a new year filled with good health, abundance and love. Cheers!


Santa’s Reign of Terror Ends

26 Dec

The Terror of Santa This year, we gave our twins the best Christmas gift ever: trauma! 

Hope a fine holiday was had by all. 

From my family to yours, all the best in 2015. 

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Thor and his Flesh-Eating Twin Sister

31 Oct

Source: Triple M

A festive Halloween to all! 

The twins are now two years old and starting to get into Halloween. They could’ve cared less about the candy (“Right ON; more for us!” — Mr. and Mrs. Brown), but they enjoyed the costumes.

Young Séamus dressed as the mighty Thor. He even kept his winged helmet on throughout our entire trick-or-treat excursion. Way to go, Séa! 

Séamus as Thor

And here’s everyone’s favorite flower girl, Pearl Mae, who, as usual, took things a little too far. Way to creep everyone out, Pearl! 

Creepy Pearl

Be nice to me or I’ll give her your address and a hatchet. Cheers, dahling! 

Best. Flower girl. Ever.

11 Aug

Flower Girl Pearl

That gown. That scowl. That finger. 

Congratulations to my daughter, Pearl Mae, on her first flower girl gig. 

She sobbed and refused to walk down the aisle. 

Pearl has everything it takes to win. 

I’ve always said I’d rather die than be a pageant mom, but if anyone knows of any shade-throwing pageants, kindly let me know, because we’re all in. 

(P.S. Obviously, Pearl’s gesture is totally unintentional — fab fluke.)

Tearjerker of the Day

22 Aug

Brownie Birthday

7 Aug

The Brownies

A very happy birthday to Séamus Daniel and Pearl Mae!

We’re on our way to birthday breakfast now, followed by aquarium and lunch. After nap, it’s snack and presents.

We’re grateful for this lovely day and these wonderful babies. 



Brownie Break

16 May

The Brownies, aka Shea and Pearl Brown

Nine months. Almost crawling. Bring on the chaos! 

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