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In Memoriam

4 Jan


Pomchi pistol Mary Poppins VanDyke Brown (age 10-ish) crossed over on January 3, 2017. She battled congestive heart failure for a year, and her tiny body was tired. It was a perfectly peaceful transition; she was in my arms.

From her hard-knock beginnings as an injured country stray to an anxious, long-term shelter resident to a lady of leisure and style with an editorial side job, Mary’s life ran the gamut. Loyal, loving, saucy, and cantankerous, Mary was straight fire, and we’re lucky she came our way. 

Adios, lil’ red sass. Immense love to you. 

Best. Flower girl. Ever.

11 Aug

Flower Girl Pearl

That gown. That scowl. That finger. 

Congratulations to my daughter, Pearl Mae, on her first flower girl gig. 

She sobbed and refused to walk down the aisle. 

Pearl has everything it takes to win. 

I’ve always said I’d rather die than be a pageant mom, but if anyone knows of any shade-throwing pageants, kindly let me know, because we’re all in. 

(P.S. Obviously, Pearl’s gesture is totally unintentional — fab fluke.)

Annnd, We’re Back

25 Jun

Clan Brown, Siesta Key 2013

We survived a family reunion in Siesta Key, Florida. Pics soon. 

Portland Pearl

14 Jan

portland pearl 1

Pearl has gone totally indie rock.

portland pearl 2

She’s ready to move to Portland and catch a Grizzly Bear show. You need not ask if she owns a backpack; the answer is clear.

portland pearl 3

Séa, however, is none too thrilled. He’s tired of Pearl raiding his wardrobe. He’s over her style-copping ways.

Beach Bums

11 Nov

Greetings from Cocoa Beach.

I Am Here

23 Mar

Indiana family visits are good for the soul. 

More From the South

20 Feb

Lecanto was awesome. The ‘rents live in Black Diamond (above), a lovely golf community. Great spending quality time with the fam. Especially great to see my grandparents. Extra especially great that I won at Crick, a board game that is totally unique to the VanDyke family. Yay, Crick! 

This morning we braved the interstate once again (and, naturally, got cut off several times by drivers on cell phones), and headed to Zellwood, where DJB’s family resides. Happy to report that we arrived safely. Wonderful to see the Browns, who are currently enjoying happy hour on the lanai with their son. Better get in there. Later! 

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