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11 Jan


Ladies and gentlemen, the circle is complete…

Now that Fast Eddie Clarke has gone to the great gig in the sky (RIP, good sir), the original Motörhead lineup is officially back together


Maybe they’ll let Mary jam with them sometime. Longshot, but you never know. 


In Memoriam

4 Jan


Pomchi pistol Mary Poppins VanDyke Brown (age 10-ish) crossed over on January 3, 2017. She battled congestive heart failure for a year, and her tiny body was tired. It was a perfectly peaceful transition; she was in my arms.

From her hard-knock beginnings as an injured country stray to an anxious, long-term shelter resident to a lady of leisure and style with an editorial side job, Mary’s life ran the gamut. Loyal, loving, saucy, and cantankerous, Mary was straight fire, and we’re lucky she came our way. 

Godspeed, lil’ red sass. Immense love to you. 

And now, the gargantuan photo retrospective … 

Please adopt, don’t shop. We’re grateful to Judy Babcock and Quixote Humane, Inc. for connecting us with Mary. 

Thanks to the incredible Dr. Karol Baughman and the kind, compassionate staff at Blue Cross Animal Clinic

We love you, Mary! See you on the other side, little lady.

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