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So The Twins Have Grown

9 May

(Photo: Wes Naman)

When Is It Time to Slow Down?

15 Mar

Photo: Wes Naman

When you realize you missed National Grammar Day.

March 4 came and went, and I just realized it. No grammar fails. No geektastic educational songs.  No James Brown memes. Not a single utterance of “March forth on March fourth”, for cryin’ out flippin’ loud. NO MARCH FORRRTH ON MAAARCH FOUUUURTH… oh, the humanity.

We all have triggers and catalysts. This is that moment for Lady Fabü, friends. When I realized I forgot to say March forth on March fourth, I felt like I was punched in the gut… and something has to change. 

So, how did this happen? 

Lifelifelifelifelife. Busybusybusybusybusy. Blahblahblah. Sure, busy can be a great thing—particularly for a freelancer. And I can still kinda use the twins as a hall pass, but let’s be honest, they’re pushing five years old (yeah, that happened). But let’s get real, here…

We can’t let work and the daily grind consume our passions or WE LOSE OURSELVES, PEOPLE. If I don’t have personal blogging time (though I do blog my ass off weekly for clients), we’ve got a problem. So that’s it, mofos. Enough is enough. It’s time for a balance tune-up, in a big damn way.

Here goes…

I hereby commit to a six-month challenge of blogging at least every 30 days. Your inbox just got a little saucier, dahling. We’ll cover all kinds of stuff—a fab mélange—and I want your feedback.

What’s happening with YOUR  passions? Are you making progress or stuck in a rut?

If you’re chugging along nicely, good on you. Please share your tips here about what keeps you on track. For those in Rut City, know that you’re far from alone. Here are some ways to help get back on track—and making your soul happier in the process.

1. Think: What moves you to the core? It’s likely been this way since you were a child. If it’s still there, reconnect with what makes you tick. Or is something new just nagging at you and won’t go away. Think about making it a part of your life. The big goal here: Just make the damn time. Even just a little right now. Just do SOMETHING regarding this step this week.

2. List: You’re more likely to accomplish something if you list it. So go for it. Jot out five things you’d like to accomplish in the next reasonable amount of days. Don’t stretch it too far out, though. Keep the dream alive, baby.

3. Accountability: Do yourself and your happiness level a favor and get a mentor. Many states have small business development organizations with sliding scale hourly fees for consulting services. Can you devote, say, $30 (sometimes less) per month to spend an session with someone who can help you get your dream off the ground faster and smarter? This is a seriously smart investment. 

4. Patience: When you start listening to your gut, this passion pursuit stuff will get easier and easier. But remember that it isn’t a race. This stuff takes time to develop. And day jobs can be demanding. Start working through your lists and give yourself small rewards whenever you scratch off tasks. The hardest part is getting started, so get that over with now. Open up that rusty valve and get the flow going, and the rest will come… and it might happen sooner than you think, so don’t stop.

OK, get rolling. I’ll see you again by March 30. I’m marching forth. Will you join me? 

And since I’ll see you after St. Pat’s and National Bavarian Crepes Day (Mar 22), I’ll go ahead and relay those greetings now. Have fun and be safe, lasses and lads. DO crepe and drive.

What Are Some Catalyst Moments That You’ve Experienced? When has a moment walloped you upside the head and triggered big change for you? Share the deets here. 

And Now This…

22 Apr

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 7.45.22 PM

1.) How did three months pass?

2.) How can Prince be gone? It seemed he’d sashay and slay his way through eternity. He is, just in a different form. What genius. Thanks, Prince.

3.) Gotta post more than memorials. We need some good grammar fails. Stay tuned…



23 Sep

Steve Jobs

Yet Another Fab Birthday

1 May

It’s Mr. Brown’s birthday today. Many happy returns, sir. Quite fond of you. 

Guess Who Eloped?

12 Oct

I’ll give you a hint: DJB and I!

We were married October 1 in Red River, New Mexico. 

The ceremony took place on an old, covered bridge, and was officiated by the town judge, Jack Griffin (who also owns and operates the tiny town’s Shamrock gas station).  The day was perfect in every single way. 

Fine, fine… I’ll get on with the pictures, courtesy of the fabulous Wes Naman

With Judge Jack Griffin

I’m a wife, dahling! How fabulous is that? Cheers! 

With love, 

Lisa VanDyke-Brown

What Does This Dream Mean?

27 Sep

I have always had a very active and bizarre dream life. Last night was no exception. 

In the dream, I went to my local hip and non-creepy seksi times boutique, Self Serve, and purchased the Hitachi Magic Wand (widely known as the Cadillac of vibrators).

After returning home and removing the item from the bag, it didn’t look the same as the shop’s display model. No, this one had the live head of David Crosby on top. And, naturally, he was singing—and wouldn’t quit.

It was the same damn song over and over again: Southern Cross. And strictly the pre-chorus, to boot. 

Instead of returning the item to Self Serve, I decided to hide it… on top of my grandparents’ refrigerator.

Soon, the whole family gathered around the table for family dinner. Suddenly, the pre-chorus to Southern Cross filled the room…

“Spirits are using me, larger voices cah-hallen!” 

“Where is that coming from?” my grandmother shouted. 

I leapt out of my chair, snatched the “massager” from atop the ‘fridge, raced to the bathroom and repeatedly bashed it against the wall. 

Crosby wouldn’t stop.

“Think about how many times, I have fah-hallen!” he warbled, head spinning like crazy. 

The Regan MacNeil-meets-Woodstock monster had to be stopped. I stuffed it into the toilet. 

“I hate you, Crosby!” I hissed. 

What happened next? I have no idea. Thankfully, I woke up.

I took the liberty of creating this crude picture of the horrific gadget for you. Sleep well. 

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