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So The Twins Have Grown

9 May

(Photo: Wes Naman)


Birthday Brown

1 May

Mr. Brown, Machu Picchu

A very happy birthday and much love to Mr. Brown.

Brownie Birthday

7 Aug

The Brownies

A very happy birthday to Séamus Daniel and Pearl Mae!

We’re on our way to birthday breakfast now, followed by aquarium and lunch. After nap, it’s snack and presents.

We’re grateful for this lovely day and these wonderful babies. 



Yet Another Fab Birthday

1 May

It’s Mr. Brown’s birthday today. Many happy returns, sir. Quite fond of you. 

Willie Nelson is 80

30 Apr


Coolest. Grandpa. Ever. 

Mr. Brown wants to pay tribute by dressing the twins in red bandanas today. It’s still early. We’ll see what transpires. 

Happy birthday, Willie. 

Monday Items

29 Oct

1. I will not write about Meat Loaf today. I want to. A lot. But I won’t. Sigh. Love you SO much, Meat Loaf. 

2. I will write about Frankenstorm, aka Hurricane Sandy. Sending good, good vibes to those in the path. 

3. I will also write about Kev Atlas. Happy birthday, sir. This one’s for you. 

Happy Sisterkellyday

24 Jul


Happy birthday to Sister Kelly. You are greatly loved, Sister.

Hate to change the subject, but I just saw a commercial for Red Velvet Pancakes now at IHOP. Oh… my… word. Need them so much. 

Anyway, happy birthday, fab Sister. Here’s a clip just for you.

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