Thor and his Flesh-Eating Twin Sister

31 Oct

Source: Triple M

A festive Halloween to all! 

The twins are now two years old and starting to get into Halloween. They could’ve cared less about the candy (“Right ON; more for us!” — Mr. and Mrs. Brown), but they enjoyed the costumes.

Young Séamus dressed as the mighty Thor. He even kept his winged helmet on throughout our entire trick-or-treat excursion. Way to go, Séa! 

Séamus as Thor

And here’s everyone’s favorite flower girl, Pearl Mae, who, as usual, took things a little too far. Way to creep everyone out, Pearl! 

Creepy Pearl

Be nice to me or I’ll give her your address and a hatchet. Cheers, dahling! 


One Response to “Thor and his Flesh-Eating Twin Sister”

  1. faithfashionandfood November 3, 2014 at 9:23 am #

    Hilarious! My Niece and Nephew are adorable! Shea is so handsome Aaaaand that pearl is something else! P.S. Save Auntie M some candy. LOL!

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