How to Use “Text” as a Verb

10 Mar


This is a big one, folks. It’s time to address the use of “text” as a verb. First, let’s conjugate. Yay! Fun times! 

He texted yesterday.
He will text in a minute.
He texts all the time.
He is texting while driving.

Red alert! There is a grand-scale struggle with the past tense of text. It’s reaching crisis levels. 

Sergio text me yesterday.

Sergio texted me yesterday.

Here’s a handy tip…

Remember, “text” is short for “text message.” Thus, think of the word “message” when using the term “text.”

He message me yesterday.

He messaged me yesterday.

If you need a Get Out of Jail Free card, you simply can’t go wrong with “He sent me a text yesterday.” 

Lesson adjourned! 



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