Friday Fabü

14 Feb
Photo: Wes Naman

Pope Joans owner/designer Liesse Jones (Photo: Wes Naman).

It’s the season of love! Mock me if you will, but I think Valentine’s Day is downright adorable. What is far from adorable, however, is the plethora of über-tacky gifts that typically accompany the holiday. Heed this warning: If you purchase a stuffed animal or Whitman’s Sampler for your Valentine this year, I will storm your location, rip said items from your beloved’s clutches, and—with the help of my spiniest stilettos—stomp them to bits. Viva romance!

As always, I’m here to help with gift ideas. Boy, did I find something cool this year. It’s local, sexy, empowering and environmentally-kind: Pope Joans Lingerie (, 505.610.2290).

Pope Joans lingerie is hand-patterned, sewn, dyed and embellished in the heart of Albuquerque. Dainties include chemises, bras, panties, boxers and more. Most garments are made with silk, silk velvet, bamboo and dyed with plant-based pigments. Vibrant colors, edgy silhouettes, ergonomic design and free custom sizing help set Pope Joans’ garments apart from the rest. No underwire or padding here — Pope Joans owner/designer Liesse Jones is all about natural beauty and femininity.

Click here to read the rest of the column.

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