Icon of the Day

20 May


Claire Lovell, geriatric social columnist for Oregon’s Daily Astorian, screams ‘elderly Lisa’ for the following reasons:

1. Her column is called Scene and Heard. Sassy!
2. She begins this column with some grammar policing, then…
3. Shares details of Kay-Lynn’s style show at Dooger’s (and it’s a miracle she made it there alive—someone get this woman a Life Alert!), and wins for “Scarves were freely in evidence.”
4. She’s hot for surfers.
5. Fashion statements and body art: Claire’s got it covered.

For these five reasons alone, my husband will be embarrassed by me on at least a weekly basis in our golden years. He’ll probably spend a lot of time doing his own thing… like surfing, a favorite pasttime. I’ll show up (with my sidekick, Myrna… she might be a drag queen) at the beach and make catcalls. 

Claire is Come Correct’s icon of the day. Heck, maybe the year, who knows?

Click here for Claire’s column. 


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