For Your Lunchbox

25 Jan


Not your kid’s lunchbox. Nooooo. Don’t want no CPS visits. 

I just used a double-negative and can’t just let it be there and know that my intelligent (and, of course, fabulous) readers will presume it’s deliberate. I have to directly state that it’s deliberate. I don’t really use double-negatives! I don’t! I’m just trying to be witty. And I’m stereotyping. Because those who put wine in their kids’ lunchboxes likely aren’t strangers to CPS… and double-negatives. Oh, c’mon—you know it’s true. Maybe not wine, though… more like malt liquor? Hell, I don’t know. I guess I need to work on my stereotyping. There’s one for the to-do list. Send… overdue… holiday… gift… thank-you… notes. Compile… baby… albums. Work… on… sterotyping. Take… Volvo… for… oil… change. 

I digress. 

This is for your lunchbox, dahling. From STACKED Wines: Single servings of vino, prepackaged in sealed plastic glasses. 

Five stars. This screams summertime croquet match in the park! Don’t give me no flack for loving croquet, either. Intentional double-negative. 

*NOTE: Although you should absolutely should watch this whole clip, if you don’t have time, just hit the one minute mark. 



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