Friday Fabü: The Saturday Edition

15 Dec

Bathing Bad by Great Face & Body

It’s a Walter White Christmas at eco-fab day spa Great Face & Body (123 Broadway SE, 505-404-6670, Like the infamous chemical kingpin from “Breaking Bad”, co-owners Keith and André West-Harrison have also cleverly cashed-in on Albuquerque’s sky-blue meth, although their chemistry isn’t breaking any laws. Their new Bathing Bad Bath Salts are the same color and sold in contraband-esque 8oz. baggies, just like you might find on the street. Since releasing the new bath salts, they’ve already moved over 60 pounds of their new product in 30 different states and four countries.

“Since we just bought an old 9,000 square foot building, we decided we needed to ‘break bad’ so we could afford the renovations,” said Keith in a recent interview. “We thought selling bath salts was better than meth, since I’m not a chemist… and we’d prefer no jail time.”

These aren’t the naked cannibal type of bath salts. Quite the contrary, the worst thing they’ll do is lull you into a deep, glorious sleep après bath. Made with all organic ingredients (including the blue dye, which is derived from red cabbage), an 8 oz. bag usually retails for $15.99, but the product is on sale until Christmas for only $9.99. Sales from the Bathing Bad line support local charity Enlace Comunitario (


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