Baby Shower #1

4 Jun

It’s baby shower time! Saturday, we attended the first party, hosted by the fabulous Angela Lovell and Tony Waldron. 

Highlights included a tasty, healthy lunch, onesie and bib decorating station and, last but oh-so-certainly not least, the cake, courtesy of the incredibly-warped minds of Angela and Lara Jean Lovell.

Let’s jump right to the cake, shall we? It’s becoming famous in its own right, and is rapidly gaining Facebook celeb status. 

Please click on this to get a better view. You’ll be glad you did.

Dad cutting the licorice umbilical cord

A Kiss shirt! Rock! Thanks to grandmother-to-be, my mom, Kathy, for taking on the role of list master

Newborn bracelets by Kamille Crowley

Amanda, Sheli and Big Mama

Lovin’ the hubs

The cake co-conspirators, LJ Lovell (left) and hostess with the mostest, Angela Lovell (right)

So wrong, yet so very right

Everyone created a onesie and/or bib

DJ and my brother, Zach, hauling out the Pack ‘N Play

DJ and I extend deep thanks to Angela, Tony and all the wonderful guests. Such a special day! 


4 Responses to “Baby Shower #1”

  1. Meghan Walker June 4, 2012 at 7:47 pm #

    You’re so ridiculously pretty.

  2. Kevyn Bean June 5, 2012 at 7:30 am #

    What an awesome baby shower it was…so great to see you and DJ!

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