That Damn Unicorn is Taking Over!

2 Feb

It now has his its own cult, the appropriately-named Cult of Unicorn.

From the cult’s Unicorn Manifesto

Chances are, if you’ve had your world changed by something, that something was created by a unicorn.

We want you to recognize that you are a unicorn. A horse would not be attracted to this manifesto or its ideas, it would be afraid to deny the power of the herd. A horse is defined by its own fear. Its inability to start or finish things, to be defined not by its ideas, but by its fear.

That does not define a unicorn! A unicorn is a chance-taker who denies the fear of failure. Unicorns create! They sing, dance, write, design and code! A unicorn always does more than the minimum, they add a sprinkle of glitter to everything they do. A unicorn uses rejection and fear from the world as the fuel in the furnace that it uses to forge the future.

Click here to find out if you’re a secret unicorn. 


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