22 Jan


One Response to “Credo”

  1. Rogi Riverstone January 22, 2012 at 5:34 pm #

    I’m beginning a plan. I’ve radically altered my diet, to improve some neurological issues. I’m letting go of nicotine. I’m seeking dental care, which is very problematic, for low income folk in New Mexico. I’m networking with people in media, to access employment in editing, writing and independent radio production. I’m preparing to divest myself of nearly every material possession, as the costs to transport anything I could replace easily overseas is prohibitive. I’m learning all I can about expatriation to the United Kingdom and hope, after 2 years, to set foot at the London airport, take a train to my beloved, move into either a rented cottage in the countryside, or a flat in a seaside town, and live out the rest of my life, loving her, visiting internet friends in Europe and living my life.

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