Friday Fabü

13 Jan

photo: wes naman

I’ve gotta admit, when I received an offer for an Evox treatment from Janice Bequette, owner of Albuquerque Massage ~ Mind, Body, Soul, Bliss (1111 Carlisle SE, 505.306.6952,, I was skeptical.

“Evox is a combination light and sound therapy that seeks to reset neural pathways in the brain to increase relaxation, release anxieties and worries, eliminate destructive behavioral patterns, and lead to new insights and a healthier mental paradigm,” Bequette explained in an email.

Um… OK… sure. I continued reading.

“The treatment works by recording short voiceprints, analyzing the sound patterns, and converting the patterns into frequencies that are then played back to the client in order to reset negative neural pathways.”

I decided to stop trying to understand it and simply accept the offer. Why not? Bring on the new. I showed up with an open mind and sassy new ‘do. Let’s do this.

First off, Bequette was surprisingly non-freaky-deaky. She’s cool. We could be friends. She invited me into her cozy treatment room and we began our work.

I reclined on a comfy table and donned funky glasses with an attached headphone/microphone combo. My inner drag queen wanted to leap off the table and burst into my best Fergie impression, because the space-age headgear made me appear a bit Black Eyed Pea-ish, yet I refrained. My gear was hooked up to a nearby laptop, and I doubt Bequette would have appreciated any cord yanking.

Next, I babbled a few words about my stressors and life concerns into the microphone. A few seconds later, Bequette instructed me to close my eyes. The headphones played soothing music combined with dolphin-like sounds (my voice pattern frequencies), all paired with light patterning in the glasses. This continued for a few minutes, and then we repeated the pattern several times. This, my friends, is Evox (50 min, $55). 

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2 Responses to “Friday Fabü”

  1. Kevyn Bean January 13, 2012 at 11:21 am #

    LOL @ yanking cords and doing your Fergie impression. Love it!!!

    • Lisa VanDyke-Brown January 13, 2012 at 11:25 am #

      I’m the F to the E, R, G, the I, the E
      And can’t no other lady put it down like me

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