It’s a PAW, fool!

9 Jan

( — A hand found Saturday afternoon in Carroll County by a bicyclist most likely is that of a bear, not a human.

Sheriff Dale Williams said the hand was found about 1,000 feet north of Magnolia on state Route 542, near Heritage Road.

“It’s probably a bear, but it looks like a human hand. It really does,” he said.

Stark County Coroner’s investigator Rick Walters concurred, although Coroner P.S. Murthy had not made a ruling as of Sunday night.

He said a bear hand, although different in design, does resemble a human hand.

“We get these all the time, all winter long,” said Walters.

He said most of the time, they are the remnants of a bear hunt. After the bear is cleaned, the hand may get carried off by a dog or wild animal.

“It’s not uncommon at all,” he said.

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