Thar She Blows!

1 Dec

Current winds: 43 mph

It’s howlin’ out there, dahling.

No word from Shop & Stroll. Presume it’s still on. Not for this girl. 

Super-blustery here at the treehouse. The ponderosas are whipping around. Stuff’s hitting the windows. Crazy. 

Mary Poppins is NOT pleased. Moreover, she’s a bit spooked. She won’t get out of my lap. I’m keeping her safe from the evil wind. 

If it’s this loco now, I shudder to think what it’s going to be like later tonight if winds do, indeed, reach the predicted 70 mph. 


One Response to “Thar She Blows!”

  1. faithfashionandfood December 2, 2011 at 1:01 pm #

    Poor Mary! She looks scared; luckily she had her mom to snuggle with. Wind was freakin crazy last night, it was howling up at my place. Not sure if it was because I am closer to the mountain. Now for the snow…..

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