Fab Alert!

28 Nov

Anthropomorphic fabulousness!

Well-dressed Animals, a series of illustrations from the Berkley Illustration Etsy shop. I especially enjoy the vignettes that accompany each piece. 

Ryan Berkley Illustration

Betty the squirrel is still occasionally recognized on the street from her days as a folk musician. Many years ago she played guitar and tambourine for a fairly successful folk trio. She is still playing music but now her main audience are her five grandchildren. She loves writing a new song for each one on their birthday.

Ryan Berkley Illustration

Because of his tiny stature, this pygmy marmoset learned from an early age that all of his pants would need hemming. He became so good at tailoring, in fact, he now runs the most exclusive alteration business in town. He gives discounts to most executive birds of prey to keep himself on their good side.

Ryan Berkley Illustration

After earning every traditionally available merit badge, this Scout Bear decided to start making her own. As a result, she may be the only scout in the world with a badge for “Cape Making” and the specialty category of “Robot Dancing”.

Ryan Berkley Illustration

Everyone knows that Koalas love Eucalyptus, but this Koala took his passion to a whole new level. He turns the leaves into beautiful origami sculptures. You’ll never find his intricate work in a gallery, however. He prefers leaving the pieces behind trees and floating down streams.


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