Denver Trip Notes

9 Oct

Note #1: Mark Star Karaoke at 3 Kings Tavern

No trip to Denver is complete without a visit with my dear compañero, Mark Star and his ruca, Shawna. Mark is the karaoke king of Denver, dahling. We caught him this time at 3 Kings Tavern.

Were there shenanigans? Well, if mucho drinking, caterwauling and stripping down to skivvies onstage constitutes shenanigans, then, yes, there were shenanigans. Witness the video evidence. Yes, the guy on the right has his pants around his ankles. 

Note #2: Antique Shopping

Found one of those jumbo-sized antique malls. Good times. Creepy stuff. 

Creepiest antique baby evah

Creepiest Lucille Ball mask evah

Creepiest Eleanor Roosevelt doll evah

Note #3: Golden

We spent the first night in Littleton at the groom’s house. However, net connection problems and a major power outage caused us to move on. Ultimately, we chose a lovely hotel in Golden, where the wedding was taking place. We checked in after dark. Woke up the next morning, opened the curtains and saw this… 

Yes, we were directly across the street from the Coors brewery. Par-TAY. 

Note #4: Wedding

The wedding was lovely. Met lots of great new people. Hearty congrats to Dan and Deb Cassin! 

Congrats to Deb and Dan Cassin!

Best man, DJB, and his best pal, Danny Cassin (a.k.a. the groom)


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