Santa Fe Wedding Trip Notes: Day One

16 Jul

You know when something waaaay over-the-top crazy happens and you have no choice but to either freak out in a stress rage, or you can laugh because it’s simply that bizarre?

Welcome to day one, dahling. 

The drive was a bit tedious. People were totally driving like lunatics. Friday… rush hour… loco ABQ/SF commuters. 

This is the Las Conchas wildfire burning the hell out of Los Alamos and our beloved Jemez mountain range. It is the largest fire in recorded state history, having burned 150,000 acres or 234 square miles. 

Here’s what’s happening in Los Alamos proper. Intense. 

Bishop’s Lodge is lovely. As soon as I saw the croquet lawn (among my fave recreational pastimes) and sparkling pool, I knew the resort was Fabü-friendly. 

Here’s the view from the family’s house. Outstanding.

This is where the rehearsal dinner took place. Sadly, we missed the dinner. Why?

After checking into our lovely room, Mary Poppins ate an entire Slim-Jim from the munchie basket. Ugh. Dog diarrhea nightmares flashed before my eyes. Now that’s a stench. I said a little prayer and carried on. Nothing could have prepared me for the stench to come.

DJB was kind enough to take the dogs for a little evening stroll while I finished unpacking. Next thing I knew, there was a cacophony of mayhem in the hall. Fynn came racing in the room with Dj sprinting behind him. “Don’t touch him!” Dj shouted. “He was sprayed by a skunk!” He wrestled Fynn out of the room and carted him outside, where the poor dog rolled in the dirt maniacally. 

About three seconds later, the stench in the room was so intense that we had to flee outside, quickly. We jumped into action, held our breath and darted back inside. First, we threw open all the windows. Next, we called the kitchen. Within five minutes, we had a large container of tomato juice. Fynn was carried inside, plopped in the tub, and the tomato juice bath commenced. Rank stench. Gag-inducing.

The gracious hotel staff promptly offered us another room. We packed like our lives depended on it, gagging all the while. 

Fortunately, the tomato bath worked pretty well. Our new room smells great. We hauled-ass to the rehearsal dinner house, where we were greeted by the groom, Jayme, playing a ukulele and singing whilst walking out the door. “Awesome!” I thought. “The party’s still hopping!” 

Nope. Only three folks were still up. No surprise, as it was 11 freakin’ o’clock. Damn skunk sprayed our whole evening. 

Fortunately, the awesome Mexican spread was moments from going into cold storage. We wolfed down green chile enchiladas, taquitos and oh-so-delish chile con queso in a few minutes flat. We. Were. Starving. 

Now, at 1 a.m., we’re finally preparing to hit the sack. Quite an evening. 

Apparently, there’s an entire skunk family roaming the property. Mama and babies. Dj said the one that sprayed Fynn was fairly large. We suspect it’s mama. Clearly, she doesn’t play. Fingers crossed our paths don’t cross again. 

Fortunately, throughout the whole ordeal, Dj and I managed to laugh rather than stress out. Good job, Brown. Teamwork times. 

How was your Friday night? 


One Response to “Santa Fe Wedding Trip Notes: Day One”

  1. Meghan July 16, 2011 at 10:41 pm #

    I say good job TEAM! And yay for food still being out 🙂 cant wait for day 2
    Oh, and Our friday night was spent on a Greyhound for 12 hours. Fabu? Not quite as fabu as the hippie commune We awoke to…

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